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Hi, I’m Tom,long time no see. Do you realize that I can speak Chinese better now? When I just arrived in China, I was confused that why the computer keyboards in China are the same as the those in foreign countries? Seriously, I used to believe that they should look like this one. 


直到HeloAida 帮我报了一个中文学习班,我才了解原来中文也可以用字母拼打出来!太神奇了!而且越学越觉得中文就像某种艺术,共同点是它们看上去很美但都很难懂。

After I attended a Chinese class with the assistance of Helo Aida, I found that Chinese can also be spelt and typed by letters of the alphabet. It's amazing! The more I learn Chinese, the more I feel it like art. Although those letters are all extremely beautiful, they are very difficult to understand. 


办理入职的时候,公司HR给我说明了一些公司条例以及中国的福利保险制度。用上了英文、翻译器和手语,我还是不能完全理解,好在Helo Aida会帮我对接这方面的事务,像工资卡、信用卡、交通卡、社??ǖ日庑┦乱?,Helo Aida几天时间就能搞定。

When I handled procedures for starting the work in a Chinese company, a HR explained the relevant policy of the company, and particularly the China's insurance systems for me. However, I still could not completely understand them though several languages including Chinese, English and sign languages were provided. So it was lucky that Helo Aida could help me to handle those affairs related to my salary card, credit card, transport card and social security card. She could finish all work within just a few days.


Helo Aida还帮我下载了几个app,微信,有点像whatsapp,但微信功能更多,淘宝,类似ebay,amazon,不得不说物流真的很快,还有各类办公的APP,感觉非常不错,手机可以替代电脑完成一部分工作,移动化办公真的慢慢在实现!

Helo Aida also assistants me to download several apps including WeChat, which is like Whatsapp, but has more functions, Taobao, which is like eBay and Amazon, and other kinds of fantastic apps related to work. Indeed, smartphones can replace computers in doing some work, leading to mobile offices turning into reality. 


现在我已经慢慢适应北京的生活了,出行只需要一部手机,远距离选择地铁或公交,近距离选择步行或共享单车。北京是一个非常多元化的国际大都市,我渐渐了解到这座城市的魅力,真希望尽快让我的妻子和孩子来北京体验一下中国风情。哦,对了Helo Aida 还教我会做鱼香肉丝,我已经忍不住要做给她们尝一下了。

Now I have adapted to live in Beijing, from which I could just take only my smartphone to hang out anywhere. Taking the subway or bus for a long distance,walking or biking for the short. Beijing is a diverse and international metropolis. I came to know the charm of this city and I hope my wife and children could travel around in Beijing someday. Oh, by the way, Helo Aida also taught me how to cook fish-flavored pork shreds. I can't help but give them a taste.


最后贴上你真棒《Helo Aida》第四集


It’s time to watch Helo Aida 4.

Spoiler: The HR who had conversations with me in sign language also appeared in the episode.  

点击视频,观看《Helo Aida 》第4集








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