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“易北京”APP使用贴士 | Tips on Using “Easy Beijing” APP

5月18日,在北京市人才工作局的指导和大力推动下,FESCO开发“易北京”APP正式上线,同步启动“你的梦想 你的舞台”——2020北京高层次人才“e选会”,现已发布招聘岗位1500余个。根据“易北京”APP上线以来用户最常用的功能与服务,小编整理出使用贴士与您分享,建议收藏。

With the guidance and promotion of Beijing Talents Work Bureau, “Easy Beijing” APP developed by FESCO has been officially launched on May 18,2020, and synchronously started Your Dream Your Stage | 2020 Beijing High-level Talents “e-Job Fair”, and now it has been releasing over 1,500 job openings in this platform. According to the most commonly used functions and services since the launch of "Easy Beijing" APP, we have sorted out some usage tips to share with you and suggested collection.


Five Special Services for “Easy Beijing” APP



Quick Guide Policy Information


The policy information has been released on “Easy Beijing” APP for global talents, in 30 categories, approximately 200 thousand words, including social insurance and tax, health& education, startup & investment and etc., We provide the most authoritative policy interpretation and the most comprehensive news information through negotiating with 21 governmental committee bureau like Beijing Municipal Health Commission, National Healthcare Security Administration, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, etc. There’s also fresh hot topics, containing traditional culture, fun strategy, food recommendation etc.; users can find out the related policy information in the App, using simple and easy way to bring practical consultation.


You can rapidly position the contents about which you are most concerned, according to different demands, through the section of “charming Beijing” in the App.



旅游出行 Travel & Sightseeing


It covers the most concerned information for Beijing tourism group, including hot spots, museum recommendation, and special food introduction, meanwhile also offers the related booking services for entrance ticket, hotel, flight, train, which are the most needed for the travelers.



教育留学 Learning & Education


It covers the admission guide for children of global talents in Beijing, and Chinese learning information, as well as China college application guide and living and studying information for international students in China.



工作创业 Work & Startup


It covers the contents of permits application, career strategy, and etc., which are most concerned by global talents in Beijing, and also has the policy interpretation for social insurance& tax, startup& investment in Beijing and etc.



生活常住 Life& Residence


It covers convenient services including medical care, housing, vehicle, civil affair, financing, law, which are also most concerned by international talents living in Beijing, to help you solve these common problems in life.



All-round Digital Life Services


“Easy Beijing” APP provides 11 digital life service functions including hotel reservation, ticket purchase(such as, flight, train, hot scenes), map navigation, take or rent a taxi, mobile top-up, real-time translation, takeaway service, exchange, and service systems  international relocation, children admission in school, vehicle management, and so on, to realize the full coverage of Beijing living situation. It reduces your energies for integration and save more time for life in Beijing.


You can choose application program that you want to use in the upper top. Slide right application interface to click on “more” and check the whole 11 items application programs. Based on your usage habits, you can also edit “my applications” to set up personal application function’s displaying and collect your most common in the homepage.



24-hour Online Bilingual Smart Customer Service


Online Smart Customer Service Robot in “Easy Beijing” APP, defines its position in government affairs advisory, designs 7 categories with 35 common problems in display interface, and includes more than 1, 000 varieties of problems related to government affairs, like Medical Care, Education, Finance, Housing, Law, and Certificate Application, providing 24-hour online Q&A in Chinese and English to users and also supporting keywords searching, with the accuracy of responses being above 99%. 


You can slide the App home page till the bottom, click on “fast advice” into smart customer service, or click any page to find smart customer service small icon. If you come cross the situation which the problems can’t be answered by smart customer service, you can send your problem to email address customer_service@fesco.com.cn, we will reply you within 2 working days.  



Convenient Government Affairs Service for Global Talents


"Easy Beijing" APP links to the entrance of government affairs services, including the foreigner work permit application entrance and foreigner residence permit reservation entrance. These links can quickly realize online application and processing of business. Users can also choose FESCO certificate application service to enjoy a more professional and reliable butler service.


You can click "Work & Startup" at the "Guides" on the home page of the "Easy Beijing" APP, and then click “Access to Work Permit Application for Foreigners in China” in the Work Permit section and ”Access of Residence of Residence Permit Reservation for Foreigners in China” in Residence Permit section.



Workplace Service for Global Talents


"Easy Beijing" APP launched the 2020 Beijing High-level Talents "e-Job Fair", gathering global top 500 enterprises, large central enterprises, well-known internet enterprises, regional headquarters of transnational enterprises together. Enterprise recruitment positions are based on Beijing's key development industries, mainly distributed in ten high-tech industries: Integrated Circuit, Health & Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Smart Equipment, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, New Energy Smart Car, New Materials, Software/Information Service and S&T Service. Up to now, more than 1,500 recruitment positions have been released. The "e-Job Fair" is committed to establishing a normal post release mechanism and a full-chain talent service system, covering job search, information, security, workplace and settlement services in order to help enterprises and job seekers who are in need.

如您企业有招聘需求,请登录FESCO官网(www.on9biz.com)选择“企业服务”中的“EASY JOB”专区,进行岗位发布。

If you have any recruitment needs, please log on to FESCO's official website (www.on9biz.com) and select the "EASY JOB" area in "Enterprise Services" to post the positions.

如您个人有求职需求,请下载易北京APP,点击首页中的“你的梦想 你的舞台2020北京高层次人才e选会”专栏,了解更多招聘信息及进行简历投递。

If you have any job search needs, please download the “Easy Beijing” APP and click on the "Your Dream Your Stage | 2020 Beijing High-level Talents ‘e-Job Fair’“ special column on the homepage to learn more about recruitment information and posting resume.


The Promotional Video of Easy Beijing APP


"Easy Beijing" is more interesting than you think


"Easy Beijing" understands you better than you think


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